In 1980, the Berlin music scene quickly changed its form of expression. In addition to some really new bands, which developed in the same way as punk and no wave in Britain or the United States, many older musicians saw the birth of the “Neue Deutsche Welle” as a chance for commercial success. Many musicians received contracts and went on to release many records. The disc is covered with marks on both sides and plays with loud surface noises and crackles. Otherwise, always playable. Most of Z`s musicians had been on the local scene for a long time and played mostly R&B. With English singer David McCormack, they released the single Erdbeereis with a ska beat and a first LP In Berlin. Local media were convinced that the group would outlive most other groups. But even for Z, the time was over after two years.

Z is a Berlin New Wave band released between 1980 and 1982. They achieved some notoriety with a track called Legalize Strawberry Ice Cream, which was honored by some Rico Rodriguez hornlines.