TEWLS can provide legal services in most family and civil law matters, including: TEWLS is strongly committed to legal education in the community – we believe that by building knowledge and information about the women`s legal system, women and the community at large can gain better access to the legal system. Free legal advice to all women in Central Australia, including all of the following: TEWLS provides in-house legal services from our Darwin office as well as at various outreach centres and clinics. TEWLS provides free legal advice, services and information to women in the Northern Territory. TEWLS is able to provide legal assistance in civil, family and migration matters. Click below for more information on the different areas of law TEWLS can help you: TEWLS is able to provide free legal advice to all women and people who identify as women in the Greater Darwin area, including legal information and referral services. TEWLS also offers case-by-case processing and representation services. It offers in-house legal clinics as well as outreach services through regular visits to the following communities and locations: TEWLS provides holistic, culturally appropriate legal and related non-legal services. If you are located in a state or territory other than the Northern Territory, or need another legal centre, visit the National Association of Community Legal Centres website for information on a community law centre, including Women`s Legal Services, in your area. The Top End Women`s Legal Service (TEWLS) is a municipal legal centre focused on promoting women`s rights. Women can receive legal advice in all of the following areas: Established in 1996 following the Australian Law Reform Commission`s inquiry into equality before the law, TEWLS is a not-for-profit specialist legal service for women, providing free legal services to women in the high-end of the Northern Territory. Our goal is to advocate for justice for women, promote women`s human rights, and eliminate inequalities experienced by women.

TEWLS is funded by the Commonwealth Ministry of Justice, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, with additional contributions from the Northern Territory Government and through pro bono partnerships. We provide high-quality, appropriate and culturally appropriate legal advice, procedures and representation, community legal training and civil and family law advocacy for women living in the Greater Darwin area. TEWLS is able to provide free legal advice to all women or people who identify as women, regardless of their situation. TEWLS is able to provide free legal advice and legal information and recommendation services to all women and people who identify as women in the Greater Darwin area. Women who wish to use our services can obtain free legal help in person at the TEWLS office or at our various clinics, as well as by phone. TEWLS provides free legal advice to high-level women, including legal advice, representation and advocacy. For more information on TEWLS` community legal education programs and how to contact TEWLS to discuss legal education workshops or campaigns, see Community Legal Education. TEWLS plays an important role for women in the high-end. At the individual level, the service responds to women`s experiences and realities and facilitates them on a personal basis, with holistic specialist information, referrals, advice, interventions and community legal education services. At the systemic level, the collective client experience provides an important foundation and platform for informed service promotion and systemic improvement through legislative reform submissions.

Further information on legal advice and representation by TEWLS can be found under Legal advice and representation. TEWLS is unable to provide legal advice on criminal, migration or commercial law. He is not in a position to help draft wills. The Domestic Violence Legal Service provides the following services to victims or persons at risk of domestic and domestic violence: Phone: (08) 8982 3000 Fax: (08) 8941 9935 Toll-free: 1800 041 998 This service provides all women with free legal advice on most legal matters. Please call for details on meeting times and locations. The service is co-editor of “Women and Family Law – A Practical Guide to Separation” TEWLS provides free civil and family law services, including legal information and referrals, counseling, case handling and representation services, community legal education, and high-end women`s advocacy. TEWLS is a community legal service that provides free and culturally appropriate legal services to women in the greater Darwin area. TEWLS` vision is a community where women enjoy and have the right to legal and social justice.