Some state governments have banned the trade in alcohol, and any business practice related to intoxicating liquors is illegal in those states. Such states are called dry states. Chapter IV of the Constitution deals with the DPSP (Directive on the Principles of State Policy), according to which article 47 prescribes the duty of the State to raise the standard of nutrition, the standard of living and public health. It mentions the prohibition of alcoholic beverages and intoxicating drugs, which are harmful to health. There are also the unhealthy habits, such as binge eating, and dangerous behaviors, such as driving behind, that accompany alcohol consumption. “If you have an alcohol-free party, the kids don`t come or carry bottles of clear water containing alcohol,” says the mother, who doesn`t drink herself; Neither did his partner. She is aware that underage drinking carries a risk of alcohol dependence. LawSikho has created a telegram group for the exchange of legal knowledge, recommendations and various possibilities. You can click on this link and register: Now let`s look at the classification of states according to the legal drinking age or drinking according to each state`s respective alcohol laws. Sikkim is one of the few states where the legal drinking age is set at 18 and where a licensed seller or his servant is not allowed to sell or provide alcohol or drugs to a person who has not yet reached the age of eighteen. The administration of excise duties in the territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is governed by the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Excise Duty Regulations, 2012. The Act provides for the administration of excise duties when a licence or authorization is issued by the administrator of a government agency or autonomous government-owned entity to engage in the business of liquor.

Article 24 of the above-mentioned Act deals in this regard with the legal age and provides that no person or licensed seller or agent may sell or supply alcohol to persons under the age of eighteen years, whether for personal consumption or for sale to others. Mizoram is one of the states where alcohol consumption is legal at the age of 18. The Mizoram Liquor (Prohibition and Control) Bill, 2014 contains a criminal provision for certain unlawful acts, under which section 58(1)(b) prohibits any licensed seller from selling or supplying liquor to any person under the age of eighteen, whether for consumption by that person or any other person. In the Union Territory of Chandigarh, the Punjab Excise Act 1915 regulates the import, export, transportation, manufacture, sale and possession of intoxicating liquor and intoxicating drugs. Section 2 of the Act extends the applicability of the provisions of the Act to all the states of Punjab and Haryana. Under section 29, no licensed vendor and no servant of the vendor may sell or supply alcoholic beverages or intoxicating drugs on his behalf to a person under twenty-five years of age, whether for consumption by that person or by any other person, and whether for consumption on or off the vendor`s premises. The legal drinking age in the state of Tripura is set at twenty-one under the Tripura Excise Tax Rules 1990. Licensed sellers are only required to give or sell alcohol to a person who has reached the age of twenty-one, in accordance with the said statutes. Alcohol is an intoxicating substance widely consumed in our country.

There are different types of drinks such as beer, vodka, Port wine, whiskey and many others that have a significant percentage of alcohol, making these drinks an intoxicating substance. Especially in our country, the sale of spirits is not decreasing, but continues to increase over time. One of the main reasons for the liberal stance of governments on the sale of alcohol is the additional tax on spirits. It contributes significantly to our country`s economy. That`s why liquor stores were among the first stores to open after the lockdown imposed in 2020. When liquor stores opened long after the lockdown, people gathered in large numbers to buy drinks. He, too, believes that lowering the official drinking age for teenagers and those in their 20s won`t change much.