If it detects that you are approaching to cross the line, your Woodpecker campaign will stop for a few minutes and then resume. This small delay helps you stay within sending limits, protects your sender reputation, and your campaign is more deliverable. You need to know that. Especially if you do outreach via email. Each email service provider has its own email sending limits. Limits can be daily, hourly and sometimes per minute. If you send cold email campaigns without knowing your email provider`s sending limits, your email account may be locked out before you know it. Another good thing to know: an email list with more than 900 addresses can only be sent during off-peak hours. A mailing list larger than 5,000 requires a dedicated server or VPS hosting solution from Host Gator. It is not allowed to divide the list into smaller ones. However, such restrictions should not worry you, as sending such a large number of emails goes against the idea of cold emailing. Quality before quantity! Another good thing to know: If you exceed the limits, your account will be suspended for up to 24 hours. IMPORTANT: This blog post will be updated from time to time, but be aware that limits may change in the meantime.

Therefore, it is important to follow the links for direct resources to ensure you receive up-to-date information. Direct resource: Exchange Online limits, Office 365: Receiving and sending limits, >> Just like other providers, poor email deliverability can cause you to crash before reaching sending limits. It`s really more important to know how many emails you send end up in your prospects` inboxes. If the ratio between delivery and delivery is low, you look like a spammer and may get stuck because of it. To ensure that your deliverability is at an appropriate level, complete the 14 deliverability checks. We have equipped Woodpecker with a feature called Bounce Shield. Bounce Shield monitors the number of emails you sent on a given day and your provider`s email sending limits. No Limits Mailing System is a new platform and a way to make money that has just been launched and has caused a stir in 2022 as many internet entrepreneurs have recommended their email lists and social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and even Telegram. Most likely, you have seen some of their publications and came here looking for information about this opportunity and know the opinions, their compensation plan, their products, their reviews, how it works, if it is legal, if it pays off or if it is a scam, if it is authentic or just looking for an honest review or a review in Spanish through the No Limits messaging system, to see a little more detail on what it is before you log in.

If you send your cold emails using tools like Woodpecker that send emails from your own mailbox (your own SMTP), keep your email service provider`s limitations in mind when setting up your cold email campaigns. While Woodpecker limits the number of emails you can send depending on the pricing plan you choose, you should pay close attention to your provider`s limits. Sending too many emails per day (or sometimes even too many hours or a minute) can result in your email account being locked out, i.e. You cannot send emails from this account for 24 hours or more. Direct resource: Gmail sending limits in Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)>> Email sending limits set by your provider apply to all messages sent from your address. If you have multiple follow-ups planned in your campaign, keep in mind that after a few days or weeks, not only will your first contact emails be queued to be sent for a day, but also a series of follow-ups. Since all scheduled email types overlap, the limits can easily be exceeded. The same applies to sending certain campaigns simultaneously from the same email address.

Important information about Google Workspace: After upgrading your account in Google Workspace from trial to Premium, you don`t need to automatically send 2000 messages per day. You will have to wait to increase your limits. But you can increase the limits earlier. Just read the direct resource on how to do it. If you know the limits and configure your delivery time and the number of emails sent daily per campaign according to these limits, your campaigns will be sent without problems as expected and your emails will not be considered SPAM, provided you do not send poor quality content without any personalization. Before completing this review on this occasion, keep in mind that to start a business and become a successful entrepreneur, you recommend that in addition to evaluating this or any other way of generating income, you should always look for additional tools to complement your knowledge.