The current Office suite in the 2019 version offers business users (in addition to Home & Business, Professional and Standard), especially with the Professional Plus Edition, a previously unmatched level of functionality and comfort in document creation, editing and communication, which also enables collaboration in the cloud to a new level. At the same time, the software takes into account many security standards, including the current new data protection regulations. All existing copies of the program have been rendered unusable, so Microsoft`s exclusive distribution rights to the product are exhausted and a legal second-hand sale can therefore take place. I would like to change offices privately. Now, when I visit Microsoft myself and select “Home”, I am offered 3 options: 2 different subscriptions for 1 or 1 5 devices, as well as a significantly limited purchase version “Home & Student 2019” for €149.99. On Wednesday, I purchased an Office 2019 phone activation key from Royal CD Keys. Unfortunately, the product could not be activated. I immediately wrote to support and asked for help. The manual was sent to me fairly quickly, but that didn`t help either. Since then, the seller has remained silent despite my requests.

It`s Friday at the end of the day and I still don`t have any money or work key and no one wants to contact me. I do not recommend. Worked for me! I purchased Microsoft Office 2019. Simple and straightforward process. Excellent service, fast and reliable, thanks to 🙂 Microsoft`s latest office suite requires the operating system Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, macOS Sierra or higher; It does not work on Windows 7 or 8.1. Office 2019 Professional key ordered. It worked immediately. The program works without any problems and I can recommend Office 2019 Professional and the reseller. The following table shows the main differences between the 2019 and 2016 versions of Microsoft Office Professional Plus Professional Service with clear instructions.

Extremely fast response time. I would love to buy from you in the future! Get the real Microsoft Office 2019 at a great price. Exactly as shown. The illegality no longer seems to apply, even if exactly these two articles bravely hold up in the search results. Office 2019 Professional Plus gives you many other benefits in addition to proven features: Office 2019 purchased smoothly Microsoft Office 2019 downloads and activations packages including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus is a comprehensive set of office applications designed and developed for developers and IT specialists. The package allows you to work and create projects on different devices through multitasking. The work process is also optimised and saves time with the help of a number of effective and efficient tools. Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 is an integral part of a unified business and communication environment by enabling improved productivity and highly efficient collaboration. Microsoft Office Professional Plus extends the functionality of the Professional version and includes tools to develop professional documentation and user-friendly integration. The package allows you to work with emails, text documents, spreadsheets, and publications on any device, including PC, laptop, tablet, phone, etc. The package also offers more accessible co-editing tools and the new version has even been improved or new types of charts for data analysis have been added. In addition, the 2019 version is supported by the Windows 10 operating system.

License terms: The Microsoft license terms can be found at According to this, an activation key can be used for one-time activation with an unlimited period of use on the same device, provided a valid license is available. A little Google research also shows that Microsoft itself also offers the “Professional 2019” version for €579.00, which also includes Publisher & Access. I highly recommend using Office 2019 pro plus. Excellent service! Have bought for 4 Office 2019 Pro laptops at Rakuten, per license a little less than 3 euros. Flawless operation. For a year. Even if they were off now, it would have been a well-invested 11 euros and I would buy new keys for about the same price. The command (Office 2019 Pro Plus) arrived quickly and did what it said on the box. I`m happy Sure, I could buy from the competition, but they require a lot of time to get used to and don`t offer the same features. I am very satisfied with my purchase (MS Office 2019) and the whole process.

During the purchase, there was a question from me that the support immediately answered. Overall, highly recommended. The delivery of Microsoft Office 2019 Plus came immediately with a good description for download and registration. After reporting a problem during registration, customer service immediately responded with advice and offered assistance with registration – if desired. However, this was not necessary, because the reference to the – albeit annoying – possibility of recording by telephone immediately came to fruition. Thank you very much. Zl; NG: How do I know if Microsoft Office is legally available? I was having problems with updates on my PC that didn`t allow me to install Office 2019. They fixed all the shortcomings of my PC with an anydesk session while I watched and learned a little more. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen In all Office 2019 applications, the tab and order flow are customizable.

Support for 3D and SVG models has been added to PowerPoint. In addition, a transformation has been implemented for the software, thanks to which it is possible to seamlessly transform one image into another. In addition, the zoom feature has been introduced and PowerPoint now offers the ability to export videos in 4K quality. All these functions have been added to create cinematic presentations with the software. I bought this version for really cheap, and it works great. I prefer to buy new keys here if I buy a new pc configuration. 100% legal and no scam! All 🙂 you have to do is purchase the software you want and you will immediately receive an email with your activation key and instructions. Now, install the software using our illustrated step-by-step instructions and complete the activation with the key. Between offers, items appear again and again such as Risky and Illegal: Cheap Microsoft Keys [CBild] or Lizengo: Software dealer before the end? [c`t]. Of course, this causes uncertainty for a layman like me.

I don`t want to find myself without an office one day and find out I`ve been scammed, maybe even have the prosecutor`s office in the house.