CLIENT: Rachel Carter COMPANY/ COMPANY: Wollens TESTIMONIAL: We use various consultants, from QC to Junior, in very complex care procedures involving non-accidental injuries or FIIs. Those we teach have extensive medical knowledge and great legal expertise. In particular, the team of clerks, James, is very helpful and goes above and beyond to help (for example, if a lawyer is not available for a hearing, they will actively seek to cover themselves). Richard Furniss has over 20 years of experience in clinical negligence, personal injury and negligence of lawyers and other professional bodies. He is an expert in forensic work, has participated in countless investigations and has extensive experience in judicial review and protection tribunal, particularly when it comes to medical matters. Orlando Holloway – 42 Bedford Row` Orlando`s main strength is the ability to explain complex legal concepts to clients and witnesses in a simple way. He is very adept at adapting the litigation strategy to the client`s changing needs, even in the short term. Jason Braier – 42 Bedford Row ` Jason is extremely thorough and conscientious and works superbly as part of a team. His written work is unparalleled, his attention to detail impeccable, and he immediately grasps the heart of the issues from a commercial and legal point of view.

` CLIENT: Keeley Lengthorn COMPANY/COMPANY: Taylor Rose MW TESTIMONIAL: I have been teaching 42BR members for about 8 years after first teaching them when I joined MW Solicitors. They were highly recommended to me at the time and have not failed to disappoint me since. The reason I continue to teach 42BR is mainly because of the strong expertise demonstrated by all the members I teach The Set: 42 Bedford Row represents a group of 120 lawyers working for law firms, corporate clients, local authorities, public institutions and individuals. It has well-established practice groups in the areas of family, business and property, employment, housing, personal injury and clinical neglect, with increasing strength and depth in each area year after year. In the meantime, other specialized teams have been set up in the areas of coronial law, protection courts, animal welfare, disciplinary issues and professional code. Building such an expanse of expertise under one roof has proven to be a compelling proposition for customers of all kinds. The family group of `42 is full of talent. There are excellent practitioners and the team is filled with competent lawyers. They are known for those who practice children`s rights, with an emphasis on public law. Quality is expected to be in the same way as older and younger members of the Chambers as their reputation continues to grow.

“The lawyers I trained at 42 Bedford Row were all excellent, both in the preliminary and final hearings.” As part of her public work of children, she works for parents, children, municipalities and extended families. Naomi Hawkes – 42 Bedford Row` She has many years of experience in housing, real estate and litigation law and has excellent written communication skills. Since 2018, Naomi has been a judge of the Land Registry Division of the Property Division of the First Rank Tribunal and a judge of the War Pensions and Armed Forces Chamber of the First Level Tribunal. Damian is a family doctor and appears before the Family Court (High Court, County Court and Courts of Appeal) in London and the South East. She regularly appears in complex cases involving a number of matters of public law. Richard has extensive experience working for plaintiffs and defendants in the full range of personal injuries, including traffic accidents (including those that result in problems under MIB agreements for uninsured drivers), employer liability claims, liability claims, and fatal accidents. Gemma regularly gives seminars on topics ranging from the human rights implications of disclosure of information about children, public assessments, special guardianship, publicity in cases of care, assessment of parents with learning disabilities, challenging decisions on foster care and the sharing of responsibilities between courts and local authorities. “I have used the rooms many times. Other lawyers on set are happy to step in and help where they can.

The set is completed by excellent employees who are very “on the ball”. He leads all litigation before the Labour Court and the Employment Appeal Tribunal, phNs and CMDs in multi-week trials and appeals. Orlando also has extensive experience in judicial mediation before the Labor Court. Tina`s private law practice includes working for candidates and referees. Naomi presided over the Lease Assessment Tribunal from 2011 to 2013, when her functions were transferred to the Court of First Instance (Property Chamber). Since 2013, she has been a judge in the Residential Property Division of the Real Estate Board of the Court of First Instance. Jason is a highly experienced labour lawyer. He is highly regarded for his meticulous approach to all aspects of case preparation, responsive, an effective strategist and very good with clients. Jason has built a reputation for his knowledge and analysis of case law, with thousands of labor lawyers, academics, students, and even judges following him on Twitter to read his comments on the latest appeal decisions.

Orlando is particularly interested in labour disputes that arise in the sporting context and has been engaged with Premier League football clubs in a number of cases. She is often praised for her pragmatic and practical approach to problem solving with her cases. She prides herself on her ability to quickly identify key issues and the meticulous level of detail she applies in the preparation of each of her files. Her instructor lawyers comment on the team approach she takes to achieve the best possible results for her clients. Jason is particularly interested in discrimination and whistleblowing complaints and is often taught high-quality, complex and sensitive issues. Among the many interesting discrimination cases in which he has been involved, Jason has appeared before the Court of Appeal in the main post-dismissal victimization case, Jessemey v Rowstock Ltd [2014] IRLR 368. He has expertise in cases of medical, technical and scientific evidence; cases involving allegations of a factual and induced disease; the commission of non-accidental injuries; Cases in which allegations of radicalization of extremist thinking and terrorism as well as sexual abuse are raised. He is simple and firm, but friendly and friendly with laymen and business customers. He brings an imaginative approach to cases, but is reasonable and realistic in counselling. CLIENT: Heather Davies COMPANY/COMPANY: Wilson Browne Solicitors TESTIMONIAL: Communication is one of the key factors for me in choosing legal counsel and in dealing with the chambers, and I was very satisfied with both. The lawyer I was dealing with was responsive and available both before the hearing and after with an immediate connection and updates.

I have taught in some cases with complex problems and challenges that have been handled very well by the lawyer I have appointed. “The staff is great. They were some of the nicest employees in the company. It`s a breath of fresh air for what has recently become a more commercial approach to employee accounting. `42 Bedford Row has an impressive list of members with a reach that can meet the needs of any case. The team of clerks is always very helpful and leans back to ensure that the right advice is provided when possible. Given the variety of specializations available, it is rare not to be able to find someone who is suitable for a particular case. There are regular webinars available that are always informative and up-to-date. Lawyer specializing in family law with a particular focus on child labor. Tina is often active in complex, multi-party and conflicting private law litigation. In addition, he advises and acts on applications for judicial review in relation to the tasks of local authorities, discharge regulations and in cases involving adults with disabilities. Jude Shepherd is head of the employment team at 42 Bedford Row Jude Shepherd – 42 Bedford Row ` Jude has a very reassuring presence and is excellent in strategy and responsive throughout the progress of a case.

Jude is excellent with clients and it is a pleasure to work with. ` Gemma Taylor KC – 42 Bedford Row ` is an impressive opponent as she is always well prepared. She knows her case and understands her clients. She has an unparalleled knowledge of the law. 42 Bedford Rows “The employment team is very strong, with a wide range of consultants for every type of case and budget.” Clients across the board include large employers, small businesses and large organizations in the public and private sectors, as well as employees at all levels. The head of the employment group, Jude Shepherd, who works exclusively in labour law, successfully defended the Health and Care Professions Council against allegations of discrimination during a professional conduct process by failing to make appropriate adjustments for the applicant`s disability; and Iris Ferber recently acted on behalf of the respondent in McCarthy v. Sainsbury`s Supermarkets, a sensitive disability discrimination lawsuit that included allegations that she had not made adequate adjustments for the plaintiff, who suffered from complex PTSD and wanted to work from home. “Very strong employment situation with good availability at different levels.” Tina has experience in handling cases of presumed non-accidental and fatal injuries and FGM/C, sexual abuse, neglect and domestic violence when there are parental mental health issues, learning or capacity disabilities, concerns about substance abuse and addiction, and involving children with special educational needs and complex medical disabilities/needs.